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Everyone has at least one great story. What's yours?

Welcome to Tall Tales, India's longest-running, live, true storytelling event series. 


Tall Tales is a collective of storytellers and story lovers. We're known for four things: our live storytelling shows in Mumbai, our creative writing workshops across India (the most popular creative writing workshop in the country), our organizational trainings, and our editing/writing consultation. This website provides more info on all these things we do.

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We strongly believe in the power of storytelling. Stories not only inform us and inspire us but shape how we think about and interact with world. Stories sit at the heart of what we, as a species, consider important and what we think is worth striving towards both individually and collectively. In other words, stories are a fundamental part of making the world a better place. This is why we believe providing a platform for storytelling is not just interesting, but sacred work.



"The people I shared the stage with at Tall Tales came from very diverse backgrounds. They were scientists, actors, authors, architects, etc. I have always been a firm believer in the fact that everyone has a story to be told-- there's hidden color in everyone's life. This is storytelling at its best."

- Rohit Nair

"The incident that I narrated actually left a huge amount of shock and guilt in me. Sharing it with people on stage not only helped me shift perspective on it but also brought the humor out of it. Thanks a ton to everyone at Tall Tales and to the wonderful audience for this amazing experience."

- Avinash Verma

"The opportunity to make a crowd laugh, think, smile, and feel with your words... it's such an amazing feeling being up there on that podium. Words, often bland on paper, take on a whole new life when you tell a story. Telling a story with Tall Tales will remain one of the most special experiences I’ve ever had."

- Chandrima Das

"It’s said that there’s a story inside each of us. I believe there are many: comic, tragic, exciting, of adventure, of quietude and of turmoil. And in the telling of these stories we reach out, relate, find resonance with and make storytelling a means to connect with others."

- Anjali Purohit

"I can't think of a better forum than Tall Tales to narrate stories. The Tall Tales team sets up great venues, offers very helpful feedback, and fashions an environment that encourages all of us to share the details of our stories. I'm a fan, and hope to keep narrating more."

- Mukul Chadda

"One of the Tall Tales taglines is 'Everyone has a least one great story.' It's not just a line. Everyone really does have at least one amazing story in them. Finding that story, and falling in love with telling it, is just about one of the most thrilling experiences there is."


- Michael Burns

"Telling a true story about yourself requires a lot of courage. Tall Tales creates a safe space, where people from various spaces come together to tell their stories and bask in the magical experience of what it truly means to be human. I love it."

- Akshay Gajria

"Telling stories is in our DNA. Tall Tales and Small Tales provide the perfect platform to hone your skills and make you the storyteller that you've always wanted to be. The world needs more of us, and that, I believe, is the only way to achieve peace."

- Priyanka Babbar

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