The core of Tall Tales is Michael, Akshay, and Priyanka who present, teach, and speak on a wide range of topics outlined below. But Tall Tales is also a family that includes thousands of talented and brilliant people who have come through our doors or captivated audiences from our stage. Some of the presenters in our larger family will be highlighted here soon as well. This page provides more information so that we can match you with a presenter who can best meet your needs.

Michael Burns, Founder

Michael Burns, Ph.D., is an author, editor, documentary film maker, and workshop designer. In addition to leading hundreds of workshops, he also leads storytelling retreats as part of Tall Tales and as part of his own venture, The Story Retreat, online at thestoryretreat.com.

Michael's topics: Story Structure, Story as Superpower, Storytelling for Business and Organizations, Mythology, Character Design, Fiction Writing 

Akshay Gajria, Director

Akshay Gajria is a writer, editor, story coach and entrepreneur based in Mumbai. He hosts and curates stories for the live Tall Tales shows. He is a fitness enthusiast and runs a company called TrainMe (trainer on demand). He also edits fiction stories for a publication called The Coffeelicious.


Akshay's topics: Fiction Writing, Character Design, Dialogue Writing, Story Spine, Reading Like a Writer, Oral Storytelling

Priyanka Babbar, Director, Small Tales

Priyanka Babbar is an educator, children's storyteller, theatre director, workshop designer and facilitator. She has conducted over two hundred storytelling and workshop sessions across Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Nasik, Coimbatore, Bangalore and Singapore for various organisations and schools.


Priyanka's topics: Children's Theatre and Storytelling, Storytelling and Theatre in Education, Story Writing, Workshop Design for Teachers



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