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Storytelling is the secret to unforgettable messaging. Unfortunately, much of the advice that's currently available in the storytelling sphere just decorates information in a way to make it more exciting. Storytelling is something different, and that difference sits at the center of our workshops and trainings. Our 2-day executive workshop is called Story DesignTM. This dynamic class puts together elements of our public workshop and fuses them with storytelling priorities for leaders. It's the highest level course that we offer and it's full of strategies that will transform the way you speak about yourself and your organization.

We've done sessions with Google, Mahindra, Piramal, Monitor, and many other organizations looking to infuse their brand with the storytelling skills that makes their product and ideas stand out from the crowd. If you're also looking for a workshop for your company or NGO, we'd love to talk with you to see what we can offer.

We have introductory and in-depth brochures about this work that provide all the details you need. Call Akshay at 9920077055 for more information and to have the pages sent to you. You can also email us directly at