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Open Mic

Do you have a story you have been aching to tell? We are all ears! Our Open Mic is a chance to tell your story. And if we like your story, we might pick it for our main stage show where the stories are picked beforehand and curated. Yes, you read that right! The best stories will get a chance to get coached by our Director, Akshay Gajria and will be featured as a storyteller in our signature True Stories Told Live show.  


What are we looking for?

Give us a nugget of your life or a piece of your soul, gift wrapped in words. Use the best wrapper you have. Show us the workings of your mind. Twist it all around and wow us because it's so whimsical. Open your heart to us. Bleed into the mic. We want to know it all. Let go and tell us everything.


How to get a spot?

1. To book a spot in the next Open Mic please submit a written piece or audio recording or a video to Please use the following Email Subject: Open Mic Submission: [Your Name]


Story Guidelines:

1. This event is for personal, first-person stories ONLY. We love poetry but not for this event.

2. You have 6-7 minutes to tell a story, that's approximately 600-800 words.

3. Abusive language/offensive content is not allowed.

4. We accept stories in any language.

Note: We shall send you an email confirming your spot once we have received your story.


If you want to hear these stories just come, sit back, listen and enjoy the show! After all, who are storytellers without their earnest listeners.

Watch this space and our Facebook page for more info on our next Open Mic.

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