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We're now offering formal online writing classes where we teach the concepts that we've been teaching in our workshops but now more in-depth and over the course of four weeks. Each class involves readings, original class notes, discussion board, exercises, and assignments. The classes are very affordable and not only give you a chance to learn new ideas and to practice them, but also to connect with fellow writers wherever they may be. And rather than live, they are text-based so that you can participate anytime that works for you.

The classes that we're offering right now are the following:

Creating Unforgettable Characters
Designing Environments that Truly Come Alive
Core Writing Fundamentals 

The 8 Stories for Professionals & Businesses 

Academic Writing in the 21st Century
Story Structure Essentials

These classes have been designed with the intermediate and beginning writer in mind, but one of the hallmarks of every workshop, class, and retreat that we do is that they are useful for writers of all levels of experience. So please join us no matter where you are on your writing journey.

For more on our online classes and when the next edition of each class is running see our link at Podia here.

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