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Have a story, novel, textbook, or memoir that needs editing? We have proven experience working with hundreds of authors on their work. From one-time consultations to long-term editing relationships, we have the experience and understanding necessary to help you transform your work into everything you hoped it would be. All of our core staff, Michael, Akshay, and Priyanka, offer editing and consultation services. Reach out to us with your questions or requests and we'd be happy to reply with a summary of our rates and how we usually work. Have a custom project that is something entirely new? We'd love to hear about your idea. Just reach out to us on our Contact page here on this site.

In the meantime, browse Amazon or your local bookstore for The Best of Tall Tales featuring twenty of our top stories of all time. In addition to that, Hack into Your Creativity, the newest book by our founder, Michael Burns, on story starters and story structure is also available in leading bookstores and online everywhere. More here:

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